Bea Alonzo revealed what happened when she went to Vice’s house wearing shorts and slippers!

2j425t2 Bea Alonzo revealed what happened when she went to Vice's house wearing shorts and slippers!

The veteran actresses Bea Alonzo and Iza Calzado were the guests of Vice Ganda’s late night show called Gandang Gabi Vice.

During the guesting, the viewers were very much entertained by the way these actresses talked in front as if they’re not in the show.
A specific video clip from the said guesting, has gone viral online!
The said video showed how Bea recalled that when she went to Vice Ganda’s house for a movie night, she thought that it would be nothing but a casual mmovie night since Vice was living in only a few blocks away from where Bea lives.
Bea then revealed that she went over Vice’s house wearing shorts, slippers while she carries a box of pizza, assuming that it would really be just a simple night.
But then, upon entering Vice’s home, she was surprised by what she has discovered!
She was greeted by Vice’s friends asking her about her preferred “doneness” of her steak.
She wasn’t just surprised by the ‘steak‘ scene but was also surprised by how grand and luxurious Vice’s home was.
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