“Human Rights” Protesters Disturbed Mendiola To Proceed With Their Rally Against Martial Law in Mindanao

“Human Rights” groups protests Mendiola against the martial law declaration of President Rodrigo Duterte in Mindanao.

2r0gIT3 "Human Rights" Protesters Disturbed Mendiola To Proceed With Their Rally Against Martial Law in Mindanao

“Hindi martial law ang solusyon ay kundi dapat maugat na ang matagal ng problema sa Mindanao. Landlessness, land-grabbing, corruption.” Said Sarah Elago of Kabataan Partylist.

[Martial law is not the solution instead the real problems of Mindanao should be taken care of first.]

And again, the man present in almost all rally and protest against the goverment said, “Walang martial law na ipapatupad na walang abuso. Imposibleng walang abuso kasi yung mag-i-implement nyan mga abusado din.” stated the infamous Renato Reyes, Jr. of Bayan

[No martial law can be enforced without abuse.  Especially when the people implementing it are abusive.]

“Karapatan strongly protests Duterte’s Martial Law declaration, emphasizing that it will not address the circumstances of the current situation in Marawi, but will aggravate the insecurity in the area,” the group said in a statement.

“Martial law is not the answer; it will never result to anything but gross violations of people’s rights,” they added.

The group called for an investigation into the incidents in Marawi City, adding that they condemn the acts that endangered the lives of civilians.

“Martial Law will inevitably result in intensified military operations, including aerial strikes, which can kill and affect hundreds of civilians, and to an open season for extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests, torture and other forms of rights violations,” they said.

By 7 PM, the groups dispersed but are planning for a black Friday protest on Mendiola to call out once more to President Duterte to withdraw his proclamation of martial law in Mindanao.

Source: philtizen
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