“MAUTE CONNECTED TO MAGDALO GROUP OF TRILLANES”; A Revelation Exposed By a Retired General

A veteran soldier exposed an alleged ties between Maute members and the Magdalo.

A Abe Purunggan shared his friend’s exposition on social media regarding the issue on Marawi City. His friend spent more than 20 years military service in Mindanao and has told him that the attacks were unsual.

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Based on his experience in Mindanao, jihadist usually attack after Eid al-Fitr or Hari Raya and not before Ramadan and Muslims respect and abide Ramadan.

Plus, the Marawi City which they are trying to take over is a very unsual choice for it is a known to be home and a sanctuary for Muslims. The attack was probably plotted to shame the President while he was in Russia. The veteran believes that it is a method to cause disagreement between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or MILF and the President to ruin plans for peace and start a war in Mindanao.

Someone is playing jihadist, the veteran soldier said.

The retired general specifically exposed that the Maute terrorist group is associated with the Magdalo group headed by Senator Antonio Trillanes and Gary Alejano

Last April, an information leaked that the Magdalo group are stealing firearms and ammunitions in order to continue ‘special ops’ to continuously cause disturbance during Ramadan.

An intelligence report provided the information that some Maute group members who attacked Marawi City are actually members of the Magdalo group.

Ramadan is a month-long celebration for Muslims which gives a huge possibility of more terror attacks.

This could be the reason why President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial in all of Mindanao.

Read his full post below.

“A friend who is a retired general, a veteran warrior who spent his military career for more than 20 years in Mindanao told me today that the terror attack in Marawi is unusual.

According to him, jihadists do not launch attack before Ramadan. Usually, they attack after hariraya puasa or fitri. Take note that Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. They respect and abide by it.
And why Marawi? According to him Marawi is a sanctuary and it is unlikely to be a target. Unless, it was designed to embarass the Pres Duterte while in Russia or drive a wedge between the MILF and the President to scuttle the on going peace process so that war can come to Mindanao. 

To add to this, they may even be igniting a religious war. Look at the people and establishments that they have targetted.

According to him, somebody is playing jihadist.

There is prior information last April of pilferages of firearms by Magdalo group for allegedly continuing ‘special ops’ during the Ramadan to sustain disturbances operation’.

Now, some Maute members are reportedly also members of the Magdalo Partylist or the Samahan Magdalo.

I am trying to withhold my conclusion pending more information to confirm this but my experience in intelligence analysis tells me that there is a connection especially when all information points toward Magdalo.

Precautions have to be made.

What is scary here is that the report mentioned of continuing ‘special ops’ and ‘sustain disturbance opns’ during the Ramadan which could mean that other terror attacks may be forthcoming. Ramadan starts on 27 May up to 25 June, a month-long activity. This may be the reason why ML was declared.

With this, I enjoin everyone to be alert and be careful.
The government should investigate immediately and make arrests if necessary. Life of people here is at stake. There is imminent danger. National security is threatened.

Some politicians are playing with fire. They can afford to sacrifice the lives of our people and plunge this country into chaos just to pursue their selfish political agenda. This is really too much. This is treason and rebellion.
Let us pray that the situation will not escalate. And that all people responsible for this destabilization plot will be neutralized.”

Notes: Ramadan is a month of fasting for Muslims worldwide. It is done to commemorrate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to beliefs of the Islamic religion. While Eid al-Fitr denotes the end of Ramadan.

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