Former Defense Sec. Gibo Teodoro Defended Airstrikes in Marawi Against Thoughtless Critics

Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro Jr, former Defense Secretary had stepped up and explained why there’s a need for airstrikes in Marawi City siege.

The former Defense Secretary defended the government’s military air strikes against criticism.

Teodora stated that military airstrikes are not only necessary for neutralizing more enemy targers but are also very much helpful in ending firefights quickly.

“Airstrikes are used not only to neutralize targets but also to protect our troops from greater harm. It also helps to end engagements quicker rather than prolonging fighting,” he said.

He also stated that it is a legitimate tool whenever commanding officers knows it is necessary to use in a certain threat.

“It is a legitimate tool at the disposal of government forces when the engagement commander determines that its use is appropriate and reasonable given the level of the threat faced,” Teodoro stated.

Surely, destruction of properties are inevitable consequences which can also happen in any weapon used.

“Damage to property is an unfortunate consequence not only of airstrikes but of any weapon, yet we must ask what piece of property is worth the life of a single soldier?” he said.

Teodoro pointed out that the actions taken by military forces shouldn’t be questioned but the atrocities of the Maute terrorist group which attacks killed many civilians, destroyed properties without even regarding damages to the surroundings.

“On the other hand the real menace is the fact that the Maute gang takes refuge in dwellings and other urban locations, use rocket propelled grenades without regard to surroundings, ieds, snipe at civilians, rob, pillage, murder, and terrorize! This is the threat faced. This is what must be condemned!” he ended.

Many Facebook users agreed to his statements. One said that airstrike is a “bitter pill that we have to swallow to heal Marawi”.

“Another user said a very precise description of wars, which is something no one can ever avoid. ULTIMATUM to surrender and negotiate for hostages if any. Any civilian must get out otherwise will be treated as enemy. You need to cut the affected body parts before it consume your whole body. #CollateralDamageINEVITABLE” – Philipp Manuel Lara

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Government troops continues to conduct more airstrikes even during Independence day. There were at least three OV-10 bombers who tok turns in dropping bombs into different parts of the city where Maute members are positioned.

Source: Facebook; INQ

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