Some netizens are bashing Barbie Hsu for her appearance by saying that she is now “losyang.”

Every Pinoy who tuned into their television screens back in 2004 was surely hooked with the hit Taiwanese show Meteor Garden starring the super famous F4 (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, Vanness Wu). But there is one member of the show who is equally admired as F4 and that is the show’s leading lady, Barbie Hsu.

Lots of girls admired her character, Shan Cai, in the show. She showed an indomitable spirit that no one could take down. Barbie Hsu was very pretty when she portrayed Shan Cai. Her slender figure and long dark hair made many girls envious. 

After the show finished airing, the lead characters went their separate ways. Nowadays, all of them are married, except for Jerry Yan. Currently, Barbie Hsu has two kids and a loving husband.

However, people couldn’t help but bash the actress now. Some people tagged her as “losyang” due to the noticeable change in her appearance. The change is understandable as Barbie is now 40-years-old.

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