Of Sh–holes & Trump-Era USAID

2DhJXJy Of Sh--holes & Trump-Era USAID

No matter how offensive Trump’s opinions of developing countries is, it’s probably for the best that the developing world understand the viewpoint held by the leader of the United States. Let’s face it: racism is the reason why many Americans voted for Trump in the first place. Trump may claim not to have said the term, but few believe him. So, what’s the American institution that’s supposedly dedicated to help other countries develop do? The United States’ reputation worldwide is going to receive a Trump-sourced battering. The impression made is that Americans pretend to help, but actually couldn’t care less if you rot in hell. (Just don’t send anyone over.)

Given his druthers and, by extension, most of his supporters, Trump would rather defund the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Actually, he’s been trying to do exactly that as his more sane advisers warn him against doing so. The likely result of this tug-of-war is that USAID will remain in existence, but by significantly smaller funding. While they’re at it, Trump’s reluctance at giving money away to these hopeless countries can perhaps better match his internal conflicts. On one hand, his white supremacist leanings (and base) have no intention of giving white people’s money to colored people. Even if the amounts which actually go to American aid are very small compared to what most these ignoramuses believe, the very idea goes against their way of thinking. On the other hand, even Trump needs to maintain a veneer of international respectability by trying to “help” less fortunate countries. He even claims to be a “Christian,” after all [more laughter].

What’s the solution for Trump playing to both racist and internationalist views? The above is the best guess. It’s just too bad they’re probably not honest enough to adopt such Trumpian wording reflecting how the American leader views the rest of the world and, by extension, the executive agencies he leads like USAID.

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