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Prince Andrew reportedly used Ghislaine Maxwell to ‘procure’ young women in London

“In the newest round of allegations, [a Daily Beast] article details how the relationship between Prince Andrew and Epstein was so strong that the Prince felt comfortable asking Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s longtime employee and alleged madam, to ‘procure’ young women for him in London, even when Epstein was not present …

“According to The Daily Beast article, MAXWELL WOULD INVITE YOUNG WOMEN FOR A PRIVATE DINNER AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE. One source, whose age was not given, described the odd evening.

“‘My car drove in the front gates of Buckingham Palace, stopped round the back and I was escorted up to his apartment,’ the source said.

“The source added that Prince Andrew gave her a private tour of Buckingham Palace, even taking her out to the famed balcony to wave at a ‘non-existent crowd.’ Fortunately, the young woman was able to escape without being forced into physical activity, saying that she had to leave early because she had work in the morning.

“Though the young woman was able to avoid a disastrous turn of events, she nonetheless slammed the pair for their gross ‘network.’

“Prince Andrew is already in hot water after Virginia Roberts Giuffre claimed in court documents that she had been forced by Epstein ‘to have sexual relations’ on three separate occasions with ‘a member of the British Royal Family, Prince Andrew (a/k/a Duke of York),’ per Insider …”


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‘I think he’s engaged in blackmail’: A Jeffrey Epstein expert on where he made his money

“… Intelligencer spoke with Thomas Volscho, a sociology professor at the College of Staten Island who is working on a book about Epstein …

“‘I think he’s engaged in blackmail. The reason I think this is that I read the Palm Beach police report when they did the search warrant. Epstein had advanced warning they were coming, so he scrubbed the place as much as he could, but he left wires and audiovisual cables for uploading video files to computers, and I guess the Palm Beach Police themselves installed some of his audiovisual surveillance equipment in his residence – it’s a service they apparently do, putting in security cameras for residents. 

“And some of his victims, like Virginia Roberts, in her court filings, said that Epstein remarked to her that ‘information is king,’ and mentioned that BILL CLINTON WAS THERE BECAUSE ‘HE OWES ME A FAVOR.’ 
“He bragged that that’s how powerful he was. So I suspect, based on that evidence, that’s it’s likely, since that’s the way Epstein operates, is he uses information to his advantage. Does he get investment money for his hedge fund that way? That’s a strong possibility. Does he not have to pay back investors maybe using the blackmail information as a threat? That’s a possibility.

“‘As the New York Times is reporting, his finances are a major mirage, although he does have [some money]. But in terms of clients, the only other one I heard of was that HE WAS MANAGING MONEY FOR THE KING OF SPAIN.'”


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Epstein had his own lodge at camp for kids

“… [During] the 1990s, Epstein apparently had [a] getaway at a Michigan cabin. There, the 66-year-old financier was a donor to the revered Interlochen Center for the Arts, a fine arts boarding school and camp, and had bankrolled the ‘Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge’ on its campus.

“Indeed, The Daily Beast has discovered that Epstein listed this rental lodge in his infamous Little Black Book … The address book also contained the names of a pair of students who had attended Interlochen …

“And in August 1998, Epstein and his alleged madam, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, took a five-day jaunt to Traverse City, Michigan, which is a short drive from the school, along with two other passengers, according to flight records …

“Epstein also counted himself as an alumnus …

“The mother of soap opera actress Nadia Bjorlin claimed Epstein targeted her daughter when she was a 13-year-old student at Interlochen in 1994.

“‘She was at school at the famed Interlochen Music Center in Michigan when she met Epstein,’ Fary Bjorlin told The Daily Mail in 2011, adding, ‘My daughter was a singer. She was a baby. She was a skinny little girl, not mature for her age. She was 13, but everyone thought she was nine or ten.’

“Fary said Maxwell got to know her and Nadia, and tried to set up a meeting with Nadia and Epstein, who wanted to mentor her. ‘I trusted Ghislaine, she was like a mother. She was always calling my house,’ Fary told the British tabloid …

“As The Daily Beast first revealed, Epstein’s secret charity also funded: the Hewitt School, an elite private girls school in Manhattan; Harvard’s theater troupe, The Hasty Pudding Institute; the Film Society of Lincoln Center; and MET Orchestra Musicians …

“[Katherine Laidlaw, Interlochen’s vice president of strategic communications and engagement] told The Daily Beast that Interlochen records show Epstein stayed at this lodge for a week in August 2000 …

“One victims’ attorney, Jack Scarola, recently told The Daily Beast: ‘Based upon the pattern of criminal activity at a very intense level, it’s highly unlikely that there is anywhere Jeffrey Epstein went that he did not leave victims in his wake.’ …”

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