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Capturing Online Design Videos to Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

If you’d like to learn more about web design, graphic design, digital art or any other related subject you’ll find that there are tons of online design videos that could be a huge help. Ranging from complete online courses to individual tutorials and guides, tips and tricks, or even just inspirational content – these videos …

Capturing Videos From a Computer Screen to Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

If you enjoy watching videos online then you probably have several streaming videos, online channels or livestreams that you follow avidly. In fact there may even be some videos that are your favorites and that you watch over and over again. The only problem with watching these videos is that you need be online every …

Photos That Will Cause Maximum Levels Of Stress For Tech Workers

If you’re a tech worker you might just want to turn your head away from the screen.

Ridiculous First World Problem Memes That Will Crack You Up

Unfortunately living in a first world country just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Jason Momoa Is So Big He Needs To Protect His Bodyguards

These bodyguards were hired to protect Jason Momoa, but it looks like he’s the one that should be protecting them.

Thousands Of People Are Living Inside A Luxurious Hole In The Australian Desert

If living underground sounds like something you would enjoy, then Coober Pedy is the place for you. The underground town in the Australian desert has become home to 3,500 people who come from 45 different nationalities. People who live there seem to love it as the temperatures are maintained at 23-25 degrees C throughout the …

See What The Actors From Mortal Kombat Look Like Now

If you ever wondered why the characters in Mortal Kombat looked so realistic back in the day, that’s because they actually used real actors in the game. Video games have come a long way since then and so haven’t the actors. See what they look like now.

Wacky Office Signs Make The Workplace Fun

People who enjoy going to work are few and far between, but it doesn’t always have to suck. Little bit of humor can go a long way in the workplace.

Rescue Dog Transformations Reveal The True Power Of Love

The power of love can change a dog’s life and these transformations prove it.

You’re Going To Have A Tough Time Believing These Are Actually Cakes

These cakes aren’t your ordinary cakes, they’re masterpieces.